Community Groups

Jesus followers are all part of a spiritual family that is united by His Spirit! This spiritual family is called to celebrate their special unity and help one another through prayer, teaching, encouragement, correction, serving, and more!

This is why "family" is one of our core values, and MDC is committed to building the family of God. This means building each other up to be strong in our faith but also seeing God's family grow in size as more and more people trust in Jesus.

The main way we build up God's family at MDC is through Community Groups. These are small group gatherings in area homes made up of different ages/life stages (like a family!) where we get to experience growth as we walk through life together.

Our community groups include times of Bible study, prayer, and community service but also often resemble family functions like cookouts, shared meals, and other outings. 

We currently have groups meeting on Tuesday and Friday nights at 6:30pm.

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